Christmas Themed Art Exhibit by the artist from Republic of Georgia: ”Cozy Home in my Mind” - Hudson Reporter

2022-12-08 11:57:50 By : Mr. Francis Yang

Nanka Giorgobiani is a young artist from the Republic of Georgia. Since her early years she was into crafting, needlework, and drawing. She graduated from Tbilisi Art College with a major in Art / Tapestry Weaving and for a long time developed her skills in this area creating works in the technique of tapestry.

Later on, she opened a family workshop called “ Giorjo Bian” with her sisters where together they explored and studied pre-Christian Georgian art, medieval décor, traditional ethnographic materials. Nanka learned to make jewelry and accessories connecting the archaic handmade methods with modern materials.

During holiday season Christmas and New Year themes were reflected in these beautiful decorations.

With help of her countrymen from the the local business Barami US Ms. Giorgobiani is happy to invite art lovers to her art exhibit where you can see, enjoy, and even buy amazing pieces of unique Christmas decorations handmade using different techniques including decoupage.

Ms.Giorgobiani named her exhibit “Cozy Home in my Mind” to express her love for Christmas and her longing for home and her family in Georgia.

The event will take place in Jersey City at 128 Sussex street, in the office of Barami US. The opening and reception are on December 4, at 4 p.m.

The artist expresses her gratitude to the sponsors from Barami US for help in organizing the event, continuing friendship and support.

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